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Scientists are not sure why whales breach. They speculate that they do it to remove parasites, communicate with each other, or just do it for fun. Young gray whales along the Oregon coast seem to breach more frequently.


Our boats are located at Coast Guard Drive, Depoe Bay Harbor, Dock #2. Turn East on Bay St. at the only traffic light in Depoe Bay. Follow the road down to the back side of the bay. Turn right at the Coast Guard Station on Coast Guard Drive into the Harbor parking lot. Our boats are located on Dock 2 halfway down on the left side. “No” stairs to climb to get down to the boats. View our Location
Yes! Parking is available in the harbor parking lot.
Our season is from March through September, the most common whales are gray whales and humpback whales. Humpbacks whales are usually 3-7 miles offshore feeding, last year we did have a number of blue whale and fin whale sightings. The gray whales are the resident whales that come back every year to feed off Depoe Bay.
The chance of seeing a whale on a trip is 90%.
Advance reservations are strongly recommended to maximize your chances of getting the day and time you prefer, please make your reservations well in advance. You can make advanced reservations online or call Whale’s Tail Charters at 541.921.1323
1 hr. $45.00 - BOOK NOW | 1 1/2 hr. $55.00 - BOOK NOW
10:00am | 12:00pm | 2:00pm
Our trips run 1 hour $45.00 or 1 1/2 hour $55.00.
We require a 24 hour cancellation notice, special situations and emergencies can and will be taken into consideration. We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and will work with every customer to ensure that is delivered. We make our living on the ocean and no-shows are harmful to the business. We ask you to please be courteous if you are not planning on keeping your reservation, give us a call. 541.921.1323
Whales can be seen throughout the day, whether it’s the morning or afternoon makes no difference in terms of sightings. However, weather conditions tend to be calmer in the mornings as opposed to the afternoons, our 10:00am and 12:00pm tours are highly recommended.
If you you have booked your trip in advanced you can report directly to the boat. Our boats are located at Coast Guard Drive, Depoe Bay Harbor, Dock #2.
Our boats have been inspected and approved by the state of Oregon and can carry 6 passengers.
In addition to our whale watching tours, we also do memorials. Possibilities include: •School Trips •Corporate Adventures •Burials at Sea/Ash Scatterings •Weddings, Parties, Special Events •Photography Groups •Sunset Cruise, subject to prevailing weather and sea conditions. Contact us for more information about chartering the boat for a private trip or event.
We abide by all marine mammal protection laws and stay the required 100 yards away from the whales, after that, it’s up to the whale. Often times they get curious and friendly and approach the boat.
How far we go depends on where we find whales; during spring through summer gray whales are about 1/2 – 1 mile offshore. Humpback whales are usually farther offshore 3-7 miles, at times we may have fin whales or blue whales offshore, every trip is different.
We run our trips rain or shine; we don’t run in heavy storms so the rain we experience is usually on the lighter side.
Dressing warmly and in layers is highly recommended, the air is always cooler on the ocean so come prepared. Closed toed shoes and windbreakers are a good idea, watch the forecast and bring a rain jacket if necessary.
We have been inspected and approved by the state of Oregon and carry all the necessary safety items required by the Coast Guard to insure your safety, EPIRB (emergency position indicating radiobeacon), life floats, life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc. The safety of our passengers is the priority.
Yes, we offer 1 hour and 1 1/2 hour Gift Certificates online. Purchase Gift Certificate Now
We hope not! If you know you are prone to seasickness it is advised to take precautions before boarding. Some people are a little nervous going out on the ocean, especially if it’s your first time, I always tell people not to worry, just have a good time and enjoy the trip. First off, unlike larger boats, our boats sit flat on the water and have a low center of gravity, which means it does not roll like the larger boats and you won’t get seasick. Sometimes the earlier in the day you go the smoother the ride will be, the wind can pick up in the afternoon and cause the ocean to get choppy. There are medications you can take; check with your doctor what might work best for you, most medications should be taken a few hours prior to the trip. Avoid fatty or fried foods, eat crackers or ginger snaps; this reduces stomach acid and can help prevent sea sickness. Keep hydrated by drinking water, ginger ale, or even sports drinks; avoid drinks that are high in sugars. If you start to feel a little queasy take some nice deep breaths, sometimes this is all it takes. Look at the horizon, looking at something that is not moving helps your equilibrium. Remember we are whale watching, help the ole Captain out by looking for whales and other sea life; this will keep your mind occupied. The excitement of seeing whales will make you feel better.
Yes, we offer Memorial Services, we will take your family and guests out onto the ocean where you can have your memorial service privately and in comfort. Contact us for more information.
We do not allow pets of any kind on the boats for safety reasons, thanks for your understanding.
The minimum age for taking a tour is two (2) years of age. This is so they can properly wear a life jacket for safety purposes.