Depoe Bay Whale Watching Tours

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Blow Holes of a gray whale

Depoe Bay Whale Watching

Have a whale of a time and join us for one of our Depoe Bay whale watching tours. Stay updated on daily ocean conditions and whale sightings. We look forward every year to meeting new people and seeing our returning customers. Be sure and watch our website for coming events and special offers that we have in store for the coming season.

Experience the excitement of seeing gray whales and other wildlife on one of our whale watching tours. We depart from picturesque Depoe Bay which is the world’s smallest navigable harbor. Here you can enjoy Depoe Bay’s rugged coastline and other natural wonders that line our scenic rocky shoreline.

With only 2-6 people on board there is no overcrowding, no diesel fumes to smell. We have 360° viewing, it is quiet, roomy and faster than the larger boats so you get to spend more time around the whales.

We live in a unique part of the world where Mother Nature provides us with abundant sea life. Watch whales, sea lions, and observe a variety of bird life that both live here and migrate through Depoe Bay.

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