Oregon Coast Scenic Boat Tours

Whale Watching Tours Depoe Bay Oregon. Gray Whale Spouting. When warm, moist air exhaled from the animals' lungs meets the cool air at the ocean surface, it creates the bushy column called a blow or spout. Each whale species has a distinct blow. A gray whale's blow is up to 15 feet high and is visible for about five seconds on a calm day. On the gray whale, their two blowholes are positioned in such a way that when they exhale, their spout appears to be heart-shaped.
Gray whale feeding off the coast of Depoe Bay
Oregon Coast Scenic Boat Tours | Whale Cove was the location where Sir Francis Drake spent the summer of 1579 during his circumnavigation of the globe by sea.
Whale Cove

Oregon Coast Scenic Boat Tours

Whale’s Tail Charters offers scenic boat tours on the Oregon coast. See whales and the beauty of the Oregon coast. Here you can learn about marine life and experience transiting the world’s smallest navigable harbor. Our trips are fun, informative, and we are dedicated to making your scenic tour an experience of a lifetime.

Our low-to-the-water boats are comfortable and quiet which gives you an incredible perspective of the scenery and marine wildlife. Our high-speed whale watching tour is the fastest, most comfortable way to view the ocean’s most magnificent animals. We have the latest navigational and safety equipment and have been inspected and approved by the state of Oregon.

We offer excellent customer service, first class vessels, the highest possible safety standards along with on-the-water education of whales and marine life. While maintaining a fun and professional atmosphere we emphasize science and conservation. Our captains are dedicated to ensuring that your time spent with us is the highlight of your vacation.

While we journey out to explore you will have the opportunity to see a diverse marine ecosystem, including harbor porpoises, sea lions, pelicans, and seals. This is a great way to enjoy the natural wonders and spectacular wildlife that live off the shores of the Oregon coast. See whales in their natural habitat. This is all about making enjoyable memories for the entire family.

Between stunning scenic areas, natural wonders, and historical sites. It is a perfect playground for your ocean filled adventure, wildlife watching, historic bay’s and coves. Although I see these places often, I am still amazed at the beauty and history of the Oregon coast.